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Other Important Areas

  • Dyestuff Dispersants

    Dyestuff Dispersants
    Borregaard LignoTech offers a range of primary and secondary dispersants for use in disperse, vat, reactive and acid dyes.Our high quality textile dyestuff dispersants are based on a renewable, naturally occurring raw...
  • Industrial Cleaners & Water Treatment

    Industrial Cleaners & Water Treatment
    The versatility of Borregaard LignoTech's lignin-based products is reflected in their use as cost-effective additives for industrial cleaning to disperse dirt particles, in water treatment formulations to reduce the foulin...
  • Oil Field Chemicals

    Oil Field Chemicals
    Borregaard LignoTech offers an extensive line of cementing retarders to the drilling industry.
  • Industrial Binders

    Industriels Binders
    Borregaard LignoTech’s lignin-based products are well known for providing excellent binding via traditional methods of pelleting and briquetting. We have carried out extensive work to extend their use to more demanding bin...
  • Emulsions

    Borregaard LignoTech offers a range of extremely cost-effective, lignin-derived emulsion stabilisers. In aqueous solution, our products exhibit a high adsorption affinity for a wide range of chemical substrates, including...
  • Carbon Black Dispersions

    Carbon Black Dispersions
    Borregaard LignoTech offers Vanisperse CB and Marasperse CBOS-4, high performance dispersants for aqueous carbon black dispersions.
  • Battery Additives

    Battery Expanders
    Borregaard LignoTech is the world’s leading manufacturer of organic additives for lead acid batteries. Vanisperse A, is the recognized standard in the industry, and has been for over 40 years. We have recently introduced a...
  • Road & Soil Dust Control

    Road & Soil Dust Control iStockphoto
    For many years, our Dustex and Norlig products have been used as highly effective dust suppressants for unpaved roads and other areas such as air strips, road shoulders and race tracks which are prone to high levels of dus...