Battery Expanders

Battery Additives

Borregaard is the world’s leading manufacturer of organic additives for lead acid batteries. Vanisperse A, is the recognized standard in the industry, and has been for over 40 years. We have recently introduced a new product to the industry, Vanisperse HT-1, a product designed to be a suitable replacement for Vanisperse A in non-OEM applications.


Borregaard’s products are well known for improving battery performance by:

  • Extending cycle life
  • Imparting superior cold-cranking capabilities
  • Increasing reserve capacity

How Vanisperse Works

Vanisperse functions in the negative electrode of lead-acid batteries to promote the development of fine crystal sponge lead upon formation and then preserves this high surface area structure by preventing coarsening of crystals upon cycling. Vanisperse also serves to protect the negative active material from becoming less reactive during discharge, or on open circuit by preventing the formation of an impervious non-conducting film of lead sulphate.

Batteries are engineered with optimised ratios of positive active material, negative active material and electrolyte. To meet standards of reserve capacity, cold crank ability, and especially battery life, engineers need to get maximum efficiency out of the negative active material. Otherwise, the under-utilised mass is simply unproductive weight and expense. It is well established that the investment in Vanisperse as an organic expander returns its cost in performance many times over.

Simply put, lead-acid batteries do not function optimally without the use of Vanisperse.

Through our technical expertise and research, Borregaard is continuously involved in the development of improved organic expanders to meet the needs of the Battery Industry. Our goal is to identify solutions that will maximise performance and quality, thereby reducing the cost and/or improving the performance of our customers’ batteries.

Products Available:

Vanisperse A – Is a highly modified lignin-based additive. It is the premier organic additive of the Battery Industry for improving the life of automotive and industrial batteries. It has been shown to give superior performance for valve regulated designed batteries.

Vanisperse HT-1 – Is a selectively modified lignin-based additive. It is designed to significantly increase the life of the negative electrode under high temperature conditions for both shallow and deep cycles, and to supplement the use of Vanisperse A for non-critical and non-OEM applications. It allows for more efficient formation and better "under the hood" performance.