Products and Recommended Use

Products and Recommended Use

Borregaard's sustainable dyestuff dispersants are recommended for Disperse, Vat, Reactive and Acid dyes.

Disperse dyes Typically offered in paste (liquid) and powder form. Classified by energy level. Usually require a primary dispersant.
Vat dyes Typically offered in paste (liquid) and powder form. Vanisperse CB is an ideal dispersant for liquid vat dyes.
Reactive dyes Reactive dyes have traditionally been standardised with naphthalene sulphonates. Ultrazine NA is popular in this application, due to its purity and low staining properties. 

Our sustainable dyestuff dispersants are used either alone or in blended formulations to meet the specific requirements of a customer’s operation. The choice of dispersant(s) is dyestuff and process dependent.

Primary dispersants, such as Dynasperse 5, Ufoxane 2 , Dynasperse LCD and Vanisperse CB are mainly used to enable dyeing performance at higher temperatures.

Secondary dispersants, like Borresperse 880P, Ultrazine NA, Borresperse 3A and Borresperse NA are used for milling and standardization. Ultrazine NA is preferred when low staining is needed.

Milling with dispersant combinations/blends is an effective technique to reduce cost. The combination of a primary dispersant along with Borresperse 3A or Borresperse NA at a ratio of 1:1 to 1:3 is recommended.

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