Industrial Binders

Industrial Binders

Borregaard offers a range of sustainable & environmentally friendly organic binders for the agglomeration of valuable metallurgical fines. Our products improve both the quality and consistency of pellets, balls, micro granules, briquettes and extruded shapes. 

Our organic binders are stable in quality, safe to handle and robust for use in industrial scale equipment and processes. In many industries, valuable metallurgical fines need to be agglomerated before sending to the Blast Furnace or Electric Arc Furnace for further metal recovery. Hence, materials such as filter cake fines from the beneficiation of ores, ultra-fine dust from dust collectors, waste sludges, metal rich flue streams, metal oxide wastes, mill scale fines, coal fines, petcoke fines and other difficult to bind materials could benefit from using our organic binder.

Our experienced technical sales managers will collaborate with you to understand and develop economical solutions according to your specific materials and plant processes.

How our products work

Borregaard’s organic binders are water soluble biopolymers with multifunctional molecular affinities for hydrophobic, hydrophilic, anionic and non-ionic material surfaces. When intermixed with your recipe, the binder molecules align themselves with a mixture of different particles forming strong intermolecular and intramolecular forces that improve the green, dried and fired properties of the agglomerates


  • Better wet and dry compressive strength
  • Reduced cracks and fines rejects
  • Burned off when fired
  • Improved cold compressive strength and thermal stability
  • Increased production throughput
  • Improved durability of final agglomerates