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Oil & Gas

Borregaard’s BioDrill® product range consists of innovative high-performance solutions for petroleum drilling applications, meeting the industry’s increasing demand for efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Borregaard offers sustainable solutions based on renewable biobased raw materials and unique competence. We utilise lignin from wood to produce an extensive line of environmentally friendly performance additives for the Oil & Gas industry.







Responding to the challenges of the Oil & Gas Industry, Borregaard is the recognised leader in the development of innovative lignin-based solutions. Working closely with customers, products are developed to meet a wide array of challenges. Borregaard´s high performance additives for drilling and cement are utilised in every corner of the world. Understanding the global nature of oil and gas exploration, Borregaard employs an efficient supply chain capable of providing accessibility to our products in the most remote of locations.



We are committed to providing the most technologically advanced lignin-based products available in the Oil & Gas Industry today. Our team of Research & Engineering professionals, located in the USA and Norway, possess in-depth knowledge of the functions our additives perform in complex drilling fluids and cement systems. Our laboratories are equipped with the most up-to-date and technologically advanced instruments available for evaluating the performance of our products in various customer- and situation-specific systems and environments. Our specialised approach and dedication have resulted in break-through technologies utilising lignin in applications once dominated by synthetic additives.



Similar to many industrial activities, the Oil & Gas industry can affect the environment at several stages. The greatest impact is the release of chemicals to nature. With the Oil & Gas drilling industry moving into increasingly sensitive areas, the call for environmentally friendly and sustainable drilling chemicals is more important than ever. Borregaard operates the world’s most advanced biorefinery. We use natural and renewable raw materials to produce a wide spectrum of sustainable biopolymers, each with a documented favourable environmental footprint compared to synthetic alternatives (see our third party produced EPD’s resulting from our 2nd Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for more information). All BioDrill products are based on environmentally friendly lignin-based polymers, most of which are on the OSPAR List of Substances Used and Discharged Offshore which are considered to Pose Little or No Risk to the Marine Environment (PLONOR list).


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