Road & Soil Dust Control

Road Stabilization & Dust Control

For many years, our Dustex and Norlig products have been used as highly effective dust suppressants for unpaved roads and other areas such as air strips, road shoulders and race tracks, which are prone to high levels of dust generation. Dustex and Norlig are also successfully used in the protection of young plants and crops from the damaging effects of wind erosion.

How do our Products work?

Borregaard's products based on lignin, are natural binders. As the Dustex and Norlig treated area dries, the product interacts with soil particles, holding them together at the surface and thus suppressing any dust generation. Even after a rainy period, Dustex and Norlig remain in the top layer of soil, continuing to bind the particles together after excess moisture has been lost. Use of Dustex and Norlig suppress the dust far longer than use of water alone.


Dustex and Norlig are uniquely attractive binders, since they:

  • Are based on a natural material extracted from wood
  • Are compostable and biologically friendly
  • Prevent wind erosion
  • Do not inhibit weed killing treatments
  • Provide protection for at least 6 weeks
  • Increase the load bearing capacity of existing road material for dust suppression of unpaved areas
  • Reduce the risks associated with utilising such areas, e.g., provide improved visibility and run-off
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Give the area a better appearance
  • Unlike salts, do not kill roadside vegetation